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六月有奖征文:My ferry man

作者:王翠华 | 来源:成都师范学院

       She is my ferry man between the Eastern and Western culture, from the wasteland of ignorance to a promising land of erudition. She comes from the capital of the United States-Washington, D.C , a city of wide avenues, green parks, white marble buildings and impressive monuments. She has a good command of three foreign languages and is pursuing her study of Mandarin now. She arrived in China two years ago, then began her teaching career as a volunteer, which means being without any pay at all. Through teaching, she really recognized that she loves this cause so much , loves all her students and the precious time spent with us. This is a path that belongs to her, since she is a born teacher. Going along this road, she feels at ease, joy and peace.

Chengdu is no stranger to Miss Stoever, for she soon became familiar with the city's culture, history and custom after her arrival, and even obtained a “Chinese Mom” of her own. Teaching in public schools always accompanies with handling a class of a large amount of students. As a result, many teachers reflect the discipline problems as headaches while she is able to get the situation under her control all the time. She makes the class discipline as a routine, every 10 minutes, she will deliberately adjust class order. As for her class, I wound say that the contents are rich, the forms are various and the structures are compact. The group competition system, designed by her, greatly mobilized the enthusiasm for students’ participation. She wants us to be able to become the leading role in her classroom, believing that a good language teacher is to provide language learning materials and allow students to practice more in the meanwhile. There’s a large part of time for conversations in her class. Being convinced that good teachers are to encourage students to study instead of forcing them to learn, she expects her students to become lifelong lovers of learning.

Before classes, she is the consultant, resource provider, mentor and designer of classroom activities to prepare for work. This includes analyzing teaching contents, teaching objects and teaching resources, understanding students of overall situation and several students of special situation. In preparation, she always makes sure to be guided by the syllabus, regarding students’ development as a fundamental and striving to integrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes as the Trinity. What’s more, she believes that teaching must be based on the reality of students’ situation in order to decide on teaching methods, making the progress of implementation in accordance with our aptitude.

    In the class, she cares to play an organizer, facilitator, coordinator, instructor and administrator role. She told me that foreign teacher is the standard audio input, thus I must pay full attention to their pronunciation if I want to improve my oral English. She also said that standard pronunciation is the foundation for us to build up our confidence in English learning. Relative to our local teachers, she can be more sensitive and more accurate to identify the incorrect pronunciation of us and immediately provide guidance to correct. In addition, in terms of cultural background knowledge related to the study, she can perfectly combine her own presentation with multimedia equipment, attracting us with an abundance of sensory stimuli, arousing our interest in learning, deepening the impression and improving learning outcomes. As for activities, she is able to create an exotic environment on the one hand, giving immersive feelings to us. On the other hand, she always participates in these activities, promotes group works, helps us deal with unknown foreign language expressions, and so on. She tried her best to control the teaching environment and teaching process, so as to stimulate our learning expectations.

Even after class, she never forgot to assist us. Since we’re often confused by a variety of learning contents and it is difficult to obtain useful information for ourselves, especially in the Internet age, with an explosive growth of information and knowledge, our information processing capacity being not strong, she manages to serve as the information agency based on our particular situation, guiding us to rational use of information resources. Besides, during the teaching process, she pays attention to the evaluation of a process-oriented feature, cares for the positive effects of evaluation of our learning attitude and strives to promote overall progress. With an emphasis on communication with us after class, she increased contact with us, became closer with us and even took advice from us. Meanwhile, she modestly integrated her own reflection into the teaching process, reviewed of classroom teaching situation and evaluated her own teaching effectiveness, with an intention to achieve both teaching and better learning.

Although our acquaintance has not been for a pretty long time, she taught me a lot of things, offered a lot of useful experience. In particular, as a normal student, I found on my part having a lot to learn from her.


1 Humor is a charm

She, as a teacher who can make adept use of humor and humorous language, is able to get the narration more concrete and vivid, reasoning more incisive and transparent and expression more impressive and moving. Apart from these, it can also make tools to solve various situations arising in the course of classroom teaching, both to deepen the students ' impressions and reach the realm of entertainment.

2 Smile is really important

She always maintains a smile to us, saying that, in this way, life will smile to us and we’re also willing to face life with a smile. She said that, for teachers, smile is a kind of appreciation, simplicity, calmness, tolerance, a happy experience and enjoyment of poetry. Smile is an expression of inspiration, encouragement and love.

3 Let every student be the "favorite" one

In fact, teachers’ love is a force, a quality, is the secret to success in education. Without it, this cause would lose its meaning and value. Of course, love of education does not necessarily have to be as imposing. Miss Stoever is kind enough to sow seeds of love in daily education, you'd easily find out, the greatest sort of love actually exists in the most ordinary places, deep in every flat and ordinary education details. As she said: “I am a teacher, and my duty is to impart knowledge and educate people. As a teacher, I should reservedly devote my energy, enthusiasm, talent and knowledge, give you the best I have, and make sure that you really acquire some improvements, intellectual, spiritual and moral.”

4 Being a "sunshine" teacher

One of the most admirable points of Miss Stoever is her ability to manage the emotions and keep an open-minded, cheerful, positive and healthy attitude towards teaching and students. As long as her spirits, words and deeds are like sunshine, of purity, justice and passion, we will always feel the warmth.

5 Teacher should be an excellent speaker

Miss Stoever possesses excellent presentation skills, which I think a useful tool for her to become popular among students. More meaningfully, she would use her passion to infect us, use her enthusiasm to pursue education and use her ideas to practice and explore.

6 Remembering student's names

She said: “If I have tried to show my love for students, I have to be in the perfect form to display it. And this ‘perfect form’ does not have to be so inspirational, more precisely reflected in the seemingly casual details, including being able to call out your names on the first day of the new school year. That’s also my way to show my respect and concern.” We generally accepted this and responded with respect, care and admiration for her. I believe nothing can be more harmonious than this kind of relationship.

7 Learning to listen to the students

Miss Stoever has her own “office hours” every Tuesday and Thursday, staying in her office alone to expect some of the students to come and talk with her. That’s usually wonderful time for me, feeling her immersing herself in the sense of my emotions and enjoying the harmony between her and me in the process of problem-solving fun. As a good listener, she tries to understand the inner world of us, so as to better educate us and help us whenever it’s necessary.

8 Understanding students’ characteristics and disadvantages

Each of our students has his own characteristics and personality, and the true meaning of education is the development of the human personality. Therefore, Miss Stoever totally understands the need to respect and promote the development of our personality, to mobilize our enthusiasm, and to stimulate the potential, letting every student shine special lights. What’s more, she knows how to respect our disadvantages and patiently help us solve difficulties in learning English. Besides oral English, as a matter of fact, she can provide us with knowledge of something more. She is trying approaching each of us with a heart full of love and warmth, caring ,understanding and making every effort to respect us, knows how to maintain our self-esteem and believes that we would be a useful citizen and a confident person in the coming future!

9 Observing students’ advantages and learning to praise heartily

As the saying goes, in the most secret corner of every one's heart, there is a unique string, toggling it will issue a unique melody, in order to make the hearts of others saying resonates with us, we will need to align the heart tones. Miss Stoever use full energy to tap the advantages of us, encouraging us to build confidence and ambition. Praise is never superfluous, especially for those students who have never been praised, a sincere compliment, is over 10,000 stern rebuke.   Sometimes, her encouragement and praise just a few words, but merely those words can give me great inspiration and courage. "The advantages list" records the advantages of each of us so that we can see the evaluation of the teacher and classmates around, and find so much talent is not in full play, thus guiding us to seek progress with great hope.  

10 Always remembering to keep commitments

Miss Stoever told us, to keep our promise and to take cares to fulfill them in time, is a kind of human character, that of supreme value. Therefore, we must conduct according to what we say. As a teacher, she heavily emphasize the importance of this quality, and shared us with the following story, hoping that we can gain the true meaning of it:   

On November 9, 1998, in Utah of the United States, a primary school principal, Luke, at his age of 42, crawled 1.6 km in the frozen snow and lasted 3 hours to go to work, for which he gained the full respect of the passers-by and the whole school.

It turned out to be that, at the beginning of the term, in order to stimulate the enthusiasm of reading of the whole school, Luke openly bet:“ If you can make yourselves finish reading 150,000 pages till the November 9, I am to crawl to work that day. ” On rushing reading of the whole school, with even some older children in the kindergarten also participating in this event, finally, on November 9, they surprisingly completed the reading work of 150,000 pages. As every day before, Luke left the House at 7 o'clock in the morning, but the difference was that he did not get on a car and crawled to work on his knees instead. In order not to disrupt the traffic, he didn't crawl on the highway, but chose to crawl on the grass at the roadside. Passing vehicles voluntarily rang their whistles to pay tribute to this respectful conduct, while some students simply came to climb along with the headmaster.

After 3 hours of crawling, Luke finished with 5 pairs of gloves, and even knee pads are worn out, but he finally reached the school. The whole school assembled, forming into two parting crowd, to greet the honored headmaster. When Luke got up from the ground, the children swarmed, and kissed him...

At last, I’d like to extend heartfelt appreciation, on behalf of us all, to our dear Miss Stoever. Thank you, for you brought us into a realm of exotic atmosphere, accompanying with us to experience different cultures, and guided us to explore uncharted territories. Thanks to all our foreign teachers, for you bid farewell to your lovely home, far away from relatives, and came to China, with sweat to interpret the occupation "teachers" , the common yet great cause. With your guidance, our vision became of more broadness, and we could enjoy standing on a new point of view to observe and explore the beautiful and mysterious world. Give my best wishes to all of you, hoping you maintain a harmonious relationship with teachers and students here, find much likes than dislikes here and share more precious and happy time with different people! China will always open arms to the world, and our "circle of friends" is ever-growing. I sincerely hope that China's international exchange programs, joint efforts by the international community, share a better future with world citizens!

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